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Neonatal Serious Game

I was asked by Professor Mauriello and Diefenbach to join another student hire project! I’m working as a modeler/texture artist on a serious game simulation for a neonatal ward. It’s a simulation test for students training to work in the neonatal ward. My first task is making the neonatal baby and then I will move […]


After a rough few months of stress, applications, and interviews I have my co-op plans all worked out! Professor Jichen Zhu contacted me about my interest in working for her on an experimental game project. I greatly admire Professor Zhu and love the idea of working with her on a project. It will be an […]

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  • Matt 4/6 – 4/13 April 14, 2014
    Total Hours: 10 My next task was to create a visual to communicate the idea that the sound machine was working to the player. I instantly thought of moving radio waves that you would see in the graphic designs for radio towers with the looping radio pulse emanating from radio antennae. IMG_1001 Most of the […]
  • Steve 4/6 – 4/13 April 13, 2014
    14 1/2 hours 3 hours – started to work on Noke’s head turning toward Yorex. It seemed like a simple enough thing to do with Mecanim being able to identify her head and all. There is a setLookPosition function for the animator that just takes in an object’s position and it just lerps the head […]